What You Should Know About Taylor Zakhar Perez

Thanks to Netflix’s wildly successful teen dramedy The Kissing Booth 2, there is a new hottie in town and his name is Taylor Zakhar Perez. The man behind the brooding, soulful Marco certainly breathed new life into the franchise as he quietly lusted after Elle’s conflicted heart. By the end of the movie, Marco vows to do something about his feelings for his adorable Dance Dance Mania partner. Hopefully this means Marco is sticking around for the newly-announced The Kissing Booth 3.But we’re rational people and understand the third installment is quite a ways off. So, in case you needed yet another reason to love Taylor Zakhar Perez, we have compiled a nifty list of all the things you might not know about him. Sure, we can all tell his looks are heavenly and can make you weak in the knees. We have eyes, after all. But is he single? What has he starred in before? Who’s his celebrity crush? When it comes to this hottie with a body, there is an infinite array of questions.That’s precisely why we made our list in the first place. So, here’s every delicious detail you need to know about your latest crush, Taylor Zakhar Perez. You’re welcome!

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