TV Shows That Should End In 2021

All good things must come to an end eventually, and all bad things must also come to an end eventually. With the sheer volume of new and old TV shows to watch, it’s time for some to take a bow and bid us all farewell in 2021. Seriously. We’ll be heartbroken to say “goodbye” to certain small-screen gems, but we can’t say the same for a select few. Between network TV, cable, and the ever-growing list of streaming services, the list of shows to watch and miss is always in flux. At times, it certainly feels impossible to keep up with everything that is out there.Sure, there are plenty of runaways hits and unique, underrated TV shows to watch, but there is also an abundance of egregious flops. Heck, a series may start off strong, churning out several phenomenal seasons, and later turn into something utterly unsalvageable. Hey, we’ve all been there, right? A show tugs at your heartstring and then takes a wrong turn, but you feel like it’s too late to quit. So you continue to hate-watch it, hoping that the TV gods will put you out of your misery by swiftly canceling the series. While we can’t assist in relieving your TV woes, we certainly can make a list of all the shows that should be laid to rest, once and for all, in 2021.

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